Powha is a personal declaration of your life aesthetic, we are the fabricators, and the clothes are your partners in crime.

Fixated on the concrete metropolis, our concept is urban futurism. We execute this with a neurotic attention to detail, bringing innovative approaches to seamlessness and dynamic tailoring, with thought-provoking silhouettes.

Constructed from the inside out, our clothes balance functional art with a strong personal content. To inhabit these clothes is power_

FW 17 18 HOMME

Focused on discovering the urban life aesthetic, and evoking a sensory experience, POWHA has brought forth a tailored collection, constructed in a symbiosis of seamlessness and dynamic stitching. Drowning, hypnotised by the sartorial stimulus, sharp and dusky, tripping in the vortex, the current prevails. It is the UNDERTOW_